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What my clients say...

I follow Tina's readings on YouTube and decided to get a personal reading from her. It completed changed my perspective on life. She took care into delivering the messages for me and offered advices on my situation. Tina is truly a beautiful, caring, and loving soul. Her reading has helped me push through one of the most challenging times in my life. Many thanks, forever grateful. Blessings to you!

Rebecca Farrow

Tina, you are one of a kind. Such a generous person and I'm continually struck by how accurate the readings are.. Would recommend to anyone!

Gar Joh

Tina’s reading are deeply intuitive and empathetic, it feels like I’m having a conversation with a wise, close friend. I’m grateful that she is sharing her gifts to the world. I do not only resonate with her readings, but it pushes me to move forward and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Ysabelle Laca

The reading reminded me of strengths that I have that got buried by life. The reading helped renew my hope and that I can still have a happy life.

Susan Grosvenor

I loved the reading that I received. It really helped out with planning some pretty big stuff coming up in my life. I really appreciate the amount of information that was sent to me.

Toni H.

The reading I received was very in depth and detailed! It was very on point with certain details. Just what I needed to hear.

Gloria Mills

My first ever tarot reading, was quite shocking. She instantly pinpointed all my problem areas and provided clarification on my personal concerns. Very affordable pricing, too. If you are looking for an honest and caring reader, I would 100% recommend you book with Tina.

Michael Tan

Who is Tina?

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You didn’t come here by accident.

NOTHING the universe brings to you is a coincidence. I don’t know how or why you ended up here. You could be seeking clarity and cosmic guidance, or perhaps you’re new to tarot card readings & want to learn more. You could’ve come here through my YouTube channel, Instagram or simply found me through Google search engine. Well...

You’re here NOW, living in the present moment. Take a second to breathe it all in...

If you are truly seeking clarity and cosmic guidance and want to go in depth, find the answers you’re looking for...draw our energy together and connect with the universe on a greater level, then a LIVE session would allow both YOU and I to be present, to connect with the divine at the same time to properly communicate to the universe what it is YOU WANT and RECEIVE answers! As a trusted tarot reader, I will be sure to deliver. 

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